Hennessy VS Cognac Set


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This superb Hennessy V.S. Cognac Set is clear and brilliant, with a lovely golden tint, and may be savored at any time. Toasted and fruity, the Hennessy V.S (750ml) has a rich, clean taste and a pleasant energy. The 100g Lindt Hazelnuts come in a satin-lined gift box, as well as a crystal set with a pair of Whisky glasses and a normal Whisky set. Hamperlicious offers countrywide shipping on all of their products. Hamperlicious will ship this Hennessy vs. Cognac Set for you. ‘ ” This KWV 10 Year Brandy Set, which has been aged in French oak barrels for ten years, is a fine spirit fit for any celebration. With the 100g of Lindt Hazelnut in the kraft box, the gift box with the 100g of Lindt Hazelnut, or the crystal set with two Whisky glasses, it is offered in three different packages. Hamperlicious offers countrywide shipping on all of its products, so shop now!


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