Flower and Fresh Fruit Basket


To brighten anyone’s day, this flower and fresh fruit basket is a wonderful choice of present. A beautiful arrangement of Gerberas and Spray, nestled in the middle of the luscious greenery, is sure to brighten the day of your loved one! The circular willow basket comes in three sizes: small, medium, and big.. 6 stems of yellow gerbera, 2 of white, 3 of red and 2 of orange and green sprays are in the basket, as well as 13 fruits, such as red and green apples and bananas, pineapple, pear and paw-paw (mango) or orange. There are 23 fruits in the medium gift basket, including red and green apples, green bananas, pineapple, pear, paw-paws or mangoes, and oranges or peaches. The gerberas are a mix of yellow and white. The final basket has 33 fruits, including red and green apples, bananas, pineapple, pears, paw-paws or mangoes, and oranges or peaches, adding yellow, white, red, and orange gerberas and green sprays. Seasonal fruits are included in all of the fruit baskets, however they may vary. You may buy this present online right now. Delivered by Hamperlicious, this Flower and Fruit Basket will brighten anyone’s day.

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