Farewell Chocolate Surprise Box


This goodbye chocolate surprise package is a sweet way to send them out. To say farewell to a colleague or teammate is usually difficult, but this present will brighten things up. “Farewell” and “We wish you all the best” are two of the statements on this black hexagonal box’s three designs. 6 x Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa (100g), 6 x varied Excellence (35g), and 6 x Lindor milk chocolate sticks are available from Lindt (38g). It includes 6 Dairymilk Bar chocolate slabs (80 grams), 2 5-star chocolates (40 grams), 3 Dairy Milk chocolates (48 grams), 3 Crunchies (40 grams), 2 Dipped Flakes (32 grams), and 2 Lunch Bars (32 grams each) (46g). With the Nestle choice, you’ll get three Milkybars, six Aero Milk, two Bar-Ones, two Smarties, three Milkybar Smarties, two Kit Kats, and two Kit Kats. Hamperlicious offers same-day delivery for this gift. Delivered by Hamperlicious, this box of chocolates is the perfect send-off gift.

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