Braai Steak Branding Iron

Do they like it medium-rare or medium? Do you think it’ll work if you give it a good “phstt” when it strikes the flame? Branding our meat is something that most of us have considered doing at some point, but unfortunately, the majority of brands merely sear pre-determined symbols into the flesh. The BBQ Branding Iron is a rubbery ripper of a toy for want tobe cowboys and cowgirls! This clever aluminum branding iron lets you to personalize your meal with whatever phrase you like, from “Nice Rump” to “Dead Meat,” with fifty two characters and eight blank spaces. Stack the letters, lock them together, then throw it in the barbie as you normally would. So when we cut into that luscious red flesh with our serrated steak knife, we will be able to clearly see what you have written. Pork slices may also be marked using this tool.


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