Beauty Gen Raw Cacao 5-In-1 Supplement- Tub

The Beauty Gen Raw Cacao 5-in-1 supplement offers a unique combination of 50 organic superfoods, such as edible barks, fruits and vegetables. This premium product contains hydrolysed collagen & probiotics that are suitable for all skin types. To provide you with a healthy alternative to other supplements on the market, we ensure that our raw materials are sourced from certified organic farms free of pesticides and herbicides. The unique formula also contains essential vitamins, Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids which make this supplement a healthy choice for your body.



Nourish & hydrate your body with this multi-tasking organic supplement. Packed full of vitamin-rich fruits and deep green superfoods, the Beauty Gen Raw cacao 5-in-1 supplement will help to nourish, strengthen and beautify your body. With a combination of 50 organic superfoods, including vegetables, leafy greens, grasses, and mushrooms – plus a pure, raw cacao marine blend – this exceptional supplement will not only give your skin a healthy boost but also contains key ingredients to nourish your hair and nails, plus promote healthy gut function.


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