Beauty Gen Pure Hydrolised Peptan Collagen Sachets – Blueberry

With a blend of over 50 organic superfoods, this beautiful blueberry-flavoured infusion promotes beauty from within. Collagen is the building block of life, and works to smooth and firm the skin, protect against toxins, give strength to bones and joints, helps maintain healthy skin and helps produce human growth hormones. Hydrolysed Peptan Collagen is a protein that can help add volume back into hair that has become thin and fine with age. + Supplies your complete daily dose of collagen



Superfoods are nature’s finest gifts. Beautifying the skin is as easy as drinking a beautiful blueberry smoothie every day. Gen Pure Beauty Blueberry Beauty Juice Smoothie provides your body with 50 superfoods while offering 5 benefits – antioxidants, fibre, collagen, probiotics and more. It is a convenient beauty boost in a pouch that you can carry anywhere, anytime.


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