Beauty Gen Coconut Vanilla 5-in-1 Supplement – Tub

The Beauty Gen Coconut Vanilla 5-in-1 supplement is a great way to support beautiful skin, hair and nails in one easy step. Our formulas combine the latest scientific research and advanced freeze-drying technology to deliver potent ingredients that are both fresh and potent. Our blend of 50 organic superfoods includes fruits, vegetables, grasses & mushrooms that are known for their anti-ageing properties.”



With Beauty Gen Coconut Vanilla 5-in-1 Supplement you can help support the development of collagen, repair your skin, fight wrinkles, decelerate ageing and generally improve the health of your hair and nails. Beauty Gen is not only jam packed with peptan and probiotics but also contains 50 organic superfoods that are added into the mix to ensure you are getting an amazing blend of ingredients – simply take a scoop of this fine powder every day to help protect, nourish and repair your skin, hair & nails!


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