50th wedding anniversaries are a momentous occasion. This is because it commemorates half a century of a reunion in marriage, lasting for an extended period compared to many who have not managed to stay alive. Conventionally,
men were supposed to offer their wives a necklace made of gold or a wreath. You can trace this back to
the ancient custom of the first Northern Europeans. Although providing a golden wreath is not widely practised nowadays, gifts made from gold continue to be exchanged between wife and husband and from friends and family to the joyful couple. Below is a list of the best anniversary gifts for parents.

You can choose to send your parents to a resort.

Allow your parents to get away from everything else by sending them to a resort for them to celebrate. When choosing the kind of resort for them, there are numerous things you ought to consider. Since they are grown-ups
and would wish for some peace, there are several resorts meant for adults only. If they are very
active, choose a resort that provides golf, hiking, water skiing, tennis, or sailing. They might also take pleasure in acquiring a standard spa treatment. Some resorts provide collective fitness classes if they desire to remain in shape when they are long gone. Smaller resorts that comprise secluded beaches might be something they would wish for as it will offer them privacy. You can choose a resort that is overseas if it works with your budget. Your parents can enjoy the customs as well as learning the language of the nation they will visit.

Send Them A 50th Anniversary themed cake.

The perfect way to remember their life journey together is to send them a wonderful themed 50th-anniversary cake. View our range of personalized cakes!

Organize a party for your parents.

You can choose to organize a party for your parents to celebrate their anniversary. Request your friends to create some stories which they can narrate about the couple. Your parents will be delighted to listen to this and may revive some memories they had long forgotten about. Hire a good photographer to capture all the moments throughout the entire evening. Additionally, buy a good photo album to place the pictures inside and offer your parents as a present. Your parents will go through the pictures when they arrive home, and all through the release, inquire entirely from the photographer whether they can offer you the photos in the form of a DVD or CD and hand it to your parents. This will not only provide them with a backup of the pictures, but they can also save them on their computer.

You can also buy a blank journal and pass it to the people attending the party. Request your parents’ friends to write down something inside the journal they desire to tell the happy couple.

 You can have a book of letters.

Just a few months before your parents’ anniversary, you can contact your parents’ acquaintances. It would be better if they had a close relationship with your parents. Ask each of them to write a letter or note sharing a special memory they have experienced with your parents. To persuade individuals to write the notes or letters, including several sheets of an excellent self-addressed stamped envelope and stationery with your appeal. Ask everyone to write on only one side of the sheets. Plus, request your relatives, and do not also forget to write your personalized letter. Assemble all the notes or letters inside an album or mount them inside a blank journal.

You can opt to tickle a funny bone.

Your parents have at times had their share of funny moments while together throughout the years. Offer them gifts that will persuade them to continue laughing. You can choose to match t-shirts comprising funny phrases and give each one of them, like ‟Still Putting Up With Each Other After 50 Years″. Alternatively, you could have a  professional caricature made from an old photo of your parePlease put. Put it in a frame and offer them a kick due to their blown up features. You can consider customized cake toppers or bobbleheads.

Choose gold.

A 50th anniversary comprises typically gold, and jewellery made from gold is an ideal gift. You can think of gold cufflinks or a watch for your father and, on the other hand, a gold bracelet or necklace for your mother. You can choose to have the jewellery with a special anniversary message or their names engraved on them from you.

Since a 50th wedding anniversary is a golden milestone for your parents, contribute significantly to this moment of their lives by choosing an appropriate gift for them.

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