Heritage Day 2021 is the most significant event this time of year! People in South Africa are well aware that the nation has a rich cultural heritage. It’s critical to take advantage of chances and national holidays like Heritage Day to shed light on its goals and aspirations. But, enough of that; I told you that all of my blogs would make you smile rather than frown. So, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of how you may commemorate Braai Day – sorry, Heritage Day!

When is heritage day? On September the 24th!

One of the first public holidays was established to unite South Africans in appreciation of our rich history. The event honors the spirit of Ubuntu or unity. Celebrating variety does not imply that one culture, language, or religion is better than another; rather, it entails coming together under the same banner of what makes each of us distinct and developing an awareness and, eventually, acknowledgment of these cultural variations. There is a lot of beauty in another person’s history.

“Our rich and diverse cultural legacy has tremendous potential to aid in the development of our country.” — Nelson Mandela, South Africa.

What are your plans for Heritage Day 2021?

Enjoy a braai

fathers-day Personalised Nou Gaan Ons Braai ApronThanks to braaiing, it’s never been simpler to foster understanding across races, languages, civilizations, and even family members who hold diverse cultural views and societal values. A barbecue with your closest friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate South African Heritage Day! Hamperlicious also offers a fantastic selection of braaiware, including a Personalised “Nou gaan ons braai” apron.

Enjoy a Picnic

La Motte Duo Picnic Basket

Treat them to an unforgettable outdoor adventure! Please take a look at our fantastic selection of picnic hampers. Put delicious Heritage Day cuisine in your picnic basket. Pap and chakalaka are unquestionably a great complement to any picnic lunch. Many people consider this meal to be a South African delicacy. A spicy South African vegetable relish, Chakalaka is often served during family gatherings.

“I am African because Africa was born in me, not because I was born in Africa!” – Kwame

Heritage Day: 3 Interesting Facts

  1. This day is celebrated in KwaZulu-Natal as Shaka Day in honor of Zulu founding father and king.
  2. Heritage Day became a national holiday only in 1995. It now honors the rich cultural diversity that composes our Rainbow Nation.
  3. The day was dubbed “Braai Day” in 2007 following a well-publicized media effort by Jan Braai. Braai Day has appointed Archbishop Desmond Tutu as its national spokesman.

“What I call ‘Ubuntu,’ which means ‘I am because we are,’ is bringing people together.” –  Desmond Tutu

Heritage Day gifts are available to purchase.

Presents… Without them, no event is properly commemorated. Hamperlicious offers a wide selection of Heritage Day presents that reflect our country’s wide variety. Nothing is more personal and heartfelt than a fantastic Heritage Day gift, from stunning flowers that will express the various ways that our beautiful Rainbow Nation has grown over the years to wonderful baking treats from the Bakery.

Are you looking for Heritage Day gift ideas? This biltong and nuts snack are one of our favorites. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves South Africa’s heritage day. Celebrate in style with awesome biltong and nuts snack box.

african violet

We also offer Heritage Day gift ideas for the workplace. We love adding a little green to our work environment, and we’ve found a great way to add some personality! The African Violet Zoo helps meet our goals of having a live plant in the office, but in an interesting form that is enjoyed by all. Plus, it also honors the power of our African origins.

“I am a product of my country’s masses.” Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Last Thoughts…

The legacy of a country is held in the hearts and minds of those who reside there, regardless of race, language, or culture. Celebrate our Rainbow Nation’s unique cultural and natural legacy with our amazing selection of Heritage Day presents and our astonishing array of Heritage Day events.

So, how do you feel about Heritage Day? Which aspect of our rich history do you believe should be commemorated? Let us know your thoughts below, and don’t forget to visit Hamperlicious to join the effort to help develop our African country!