Personalised Love Your Heart Pillowcase Set

Personalised pillow cases make bed time out of the ordinary! Printed on one or either side using your unique photos, personalised pillows certainly are a great addition to your bedding collection. Design your own pillow case and simply slide onto your existing pillows, without making use of frustrating zips , and get a unique slumbering experience. Produced from a breathable, easy-care material that provides great ease and comfort, you are able to impress either a single image or a collage on a single or each side, along with the environmentally friendly dying technologies won’t crack or peel whenever you wash.

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These printed pillow covers are hand made to order within SA, by our veteran needleworkers. Utilizing a professional stamping tactic that stains the ink deep into the material of the sheet textile, these themes will definitely be stunning, abundant and radiant with details coming through extremely well. The sheet itself is a poly sheeting, so it will be very soft, allow air through and great to touch. Hand stitched as well as a nice slide and flap closure to put the pillows in, your personalised pillow case is an excellent present for pals, loved ones or maybe you.


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