Personalised Funfetti Birthday Cake


The amazing thing about this Funfetti Birthday Cake is that it’s sure to heighten all the fun and happiness in any birthday event. This colourful cake will not only gain the attention of your friends, but will also give them a tasty treat for sure.

It has mixed layers of sponge cakes with chocolate delight and vanilla icing carefully placed in between them. The top of this cake is finished off with a great deal of vanilla icing to make it even better, Belgian chocolate ganache and plenty of funfetti all adding to the fact that this is an enticing birthday gift!

What’s more, this cake is delivered in an special souvenir gift box from Hamperlicious. Allergens used when making this are: gluten, wheat, cow’s milk, egg, nuts and dairy. Contact us now to order this Funfetti Birthday Cake online and have it delivered in no time at all!


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