Personalised Ditsy Leaf Pillowcase Set

Personalised pillow cases help make bed time out of the ordinary! Printed on one or both sides together with unique photos, personalised pillows are a great accessory for your bedding selection. Create your unique pillow case and easily put onto your existing pillows, without the need for frustrating zips , and enjoy a unique bedtime experience. Created from a breathable, easy-care textile that offers superb ease and comfort, it is possible to impress either a single image or a collage on one or either side, along with the environmentally friendly dying technologies will not likely crack or peel off whenever you wash.

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Your customised pillow cases are handcrafted to order within South Africa, by all of our expert seamstresses. By using a special printing method which prints the ink deep into the fibres of the sheet textile, ones designs will be impressive, unique and radiant with features displaying remarkably well. The fabric is a poly sheeting, therefore it is comfy, breathable and awesome to feel. Hand sewn with a nice slip and flap closure to place the pillows in, your personalised pillow case is an excellent gift for buddies, family or maybe you.


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